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Rise Pediatric Speech Therapy provides comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans for each of our clients.


Get to Know Us

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Cute Feet

Areas we treat:

Speech Therapy -​

  • speech sound disorders

  • phonological disorders

  • childhood apraxia of speech

  • expressive language delays -- "late talker"

  • receptive language disorders

  • fluency/stuttering disorders

  • ​social communication 

Occupational Therapy -​

  • fine motor skills

  • primitive reflex integration 

  • play skills

  • self care skills

  • organization, attention, and concentration

  • mealtimes

  • pre-writing skills

  • sensory processing

  • hand-writing skills

  • school readiness

  • self-regulation

  • social skills

Feeding Therapy -​

  • picky Eating

  • food aversions / sensory aversions

  • delayed oral motor skills

  • history or current tube feedings

  • mealtime behaviors

  • difficulty chewing or swallowing

  • minimal weight gain

  • limited food inventory 

  • difficulty latching to breast and/or bottle

  • difficulty moving from purees to more advanced textures

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